Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Whitmore Family {LEXINGTON, VA}

 photo Whitmore3-copy_zpsc2077ccd.jpg photo Whitmore5-copy_zps8e63f284.jpg photo Whitmore17-copy_zps277118cb.jpg photo Whitmore15-copy-2_zps9c025c87.jpg

Delaney + Stephen are Tyin' the Knot! {LEXINGTON, VA}

Let's take a quick break from mini shoot posts for this bright 'n' cheery engagement shoot. This couple was laid back and easy to work with, just how I like 'em. Congratulations you two!
 photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit1-copy_zpse68b071e.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit2-copy_zps9c1b289b.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit5-copy_zps8ae8e2dd.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit12-copy_zps0e0e1752.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit3-copy_zps9d30f8f4.jpg photo Dc3_zps593025a7.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit11-copy_zps623efa9c.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit19-copy_zps6f02aa7f.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit15-copy_zpsb7771fac.jpg photo Dc2_zps82c81266.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit18-copy_zpsa468ae3e.jpg photo Dc1_zpsaf2eb5ff.jpg

Monday, April 21, 2014

Jennifer's Senior Pictures {LEXINGTON, VA}

Some of you may know that as of 2014, I've transitions almost completely over to wedding photography. It wasn't necessarily my plan to do it that way, it just so happened that by November of last year, I was fully booked with weddings for 2014. Needless to say, it seemed like the obvious switch.

I'm a total sucker for weddings- the dreamy decor, the ethereal colors, and the unique surroundings... And for someone who gets out of their mind excited when they capture that perfect shot of real emotion (ME), weddings are pretty much a dream sequence.

That said, I couldn't quite give up portraiture all together. I have so many loyal clients who I've been working with for years and well, I selfishly couldn't bare to see their growing children photographed by someone else! :) Which is why this whole "mini-shoot" craze suddenly made a whole lot of sense. I could shoot several families in one evening, thirty minutes each, with 15-20 images to edit per family. It's genius really, so thank you to the brilliant, multitasking photographer who came up with them!

And though I'm tempted to do my regular 15 image post for each shoot, I have to remind myself the whole premise behind the 'mini shoot' is to SAVE TIME. So instead, I'll show a little self restraint and keep it to four images. Let's get started...

First up, Jennifer. The stunning, laid back, senior who was noting but smiles the entire shoot. People like this just make me happy.  photo Jennifer6-copy_zps2e8542cd.jpg photo Jennifer9-copy_zpscbe3ce32.jpg photo Jennifer8-copyshrink_zps199cebf0.jpg photo Jennifer2BampW-copy_zpsc2ab13eb.jpg

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Edward Jones {STAUNTON, VA}

     Here's the deal folks... Whether it's a new baby, a beautiful bride, a stunning venue, or an eclectic display, if it's unique and moving- I am going to photograph it. It's that simple. Yesterday I was sent to Staunton by Mariner Media to photograph an Edward Jones office and staff. I had done these types of shoots several times before, but this space inspired me.
 photo Edward-Jones-Staunton-matte-edit15-copy_zps28a30667.jpg photo EC4_zps223cdcad.jpg photo Edward-Jones-Staunton-matte-edit8-copy_zpsd0271824.jpg
     Meet Seth Liskey. He bought this old building in downtown Staunton, gutted it, stripped it, and started from scratch, while leaving behind all the unique, historical charm the building had to offer. Photographing this fantastic space reminded me that the details really do matter.
      I often wonder if the hours I spend editing my images or even the time it takes to create these blog posts, is really worth all the effort. And yet, when I walk into an office like this one, where I'm met with exposed brick, old natural wood beams, ambient track lighting, and historic photographs of that very building hanging on the wall... it most certainly makes an impression. Because if someone puts that kind of consideration and effort into an office space... it gives you a pretty good idea of the consideration and effort they likely put into each of their clients.
 photo Edward-Jones-Staunton-matte-edit4-copy_zps7c23d383.jpg photo Edward-Jones-Staunton-matte-edit9-copy_zps0b73081e.jpg photo Ec2_zps82587ef6.jpg photo Edward-Jones-Staunton-matte-edit12-copy_zps69904776.jpg photo Edward-Jones-Staunton-matte-edit7-copy_zpsb49ff1bd.jpg photo Ec1_zps14e9e1c3.jpg photo Edward-Jones-Staunton-matte-edit5-copy_zps87fe7e19.jpg
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